Category: Short Stories

Colne Grand Prix

Colne is usually a twenty minute drive from Burnley, heading North (I think) on the M65.  As we approach the off ramp to Colne at ...

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BLACK HOLE by Alex Khansa  

I pick up today’s paper. There’s a ring of light—bright and blurry—against a black backdrop. Headlines call it the first ever phot...

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My darkest fear! by Wendy Montoya

I sat up gasping for air; my throat felt tight again. I glanced at the clock; although I already knew It was 3:30 am. The same tim...

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The Feral Nature of Werewolves, A History

Werewolves never existed. Humans created them from lore used to explain their loss of livestock at night. Humans rejected the nota...

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Ant Death by Lorna Wood

Useful. Keeping busy. Reading the trails, bringing home food. Warm day, scurrying along, pavement warm, sun bright, right overhead...

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