Haunted Playground

Child's eye view of the pandemic is thought provoking piece written by Burnley schoolboy

Haunted Playground

As part of his homeschooling Levi Sher's mum Deborah asked him to write two paragraphs on his feelings about the coronavirus outbreak.

The first one was about his thoughts as they went on their daily dog walk past a playground and the second was of his own choice.

A year six student at st Mary Magdalene's RC Primary School, Levi's work, where he describes the coronavirus as an 'invisible monster' shows amazing maturity and depth for someone so young and certainly gives an insight into what the younger generation feel about being in lockdown.

Haunted Playground

As the days grew long the sun rose higher yet still the end was far from sight.

People were nowhere to be found.

Confusing as it seems, what could have been a joyous day, was far worse.

To the human eye, it seemed bleak and lifeless but for the sweet reminder of a birds song.

I grew restless, longing for some common day activity yet nothing.

All the streets were empty of life but for parked cars.

Swings swaying in the breeze, the rocking horse leaning from side to side, the rusting paint peeling off the lonely gate.

Children’s laughter but a haunting echo .

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